What to Expect When Ending a Season of Fasting & Prayer

Written by Jeff Leake

This past month, there have been hundreds of people who have taken the opportunity to fast and pray throughout these 31 days together.  It has been so incredible to be a part of this prayer movement. So what now? What should we expect? Continue reading “What to Expect When Ending a Season of Fasting & Prayer”


Deleted Scenes

Written by Bernard Carter

I am a fan of movies. I figured it was pretty serious when just recently, my preferred theater, sent me an email, to let me know they were closing early due to weather…just in case I was going drop by.  Although I like the theater I still prefer DVD or BlueRay because you get all the deleted scenes, outtakes, and bloopers and sometimes the director, actor or producers give you some insight into what they were thinking.

I believe prayer allows us to get the deleted scenes and the extras. It gives us insight into what God is thinking, what to do, and how the thwart the principalities Ephesians 6:12 references. Those extras and deleted scenes are like a peek behind the curtain. They are really what allows me to know why the movie turned out the way it did and why it has become one of my personal classics. Continue reading “Deleted Scenes”

He is a Just-in-Time God

Written by Steve Cianci

“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31 

It’s amazing to me, as I look back over my life, all the times that God has answered prayers just when I needed it.   His timing is always perfect.

When I went to Bible College I faced many challenges but one of the biggest was financial. I saved just enough money to make the first payment and went off in faith believing I would be able to find a job near the school to make the next payment. Easier said than done. When I arrived on campus I quickly went to all the local businesses to put in applications. 21 applications to be exact. No one was hiring.    Continue reading “He is a Just-in-Time God”

4 Reasons to Pray in Tongues

Written by Will Hampton 

photo-1433215735557-911693026827Cold & Powerless – On January 11, 2007 Springfield, MO was hit hard by an ice storm that knocked out the power to 80,000 homes. My wife and I quickly discovered how much we appreciate power and how much we took it for granted till we lost it. Without electricity we had no lights, no stove, no fridge, no clocks, and worst of all in the middle of January NO HEAT! We camped out in the living room as close to the fireplace as possible and waited for the power company to get the electric flowing again. By the end of our seven-day ordeal we were sick, cold, hungry, and in desperate need of a good shower. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Pray in Tongues”

Running on Empty

Written by Russ Horne

photo-1424169292451-7c28a6053189A few years ago I was going through a season of discouragement in my ministry.  I felt like I was going through the motions and my soul was empty. That’s usually not a good place to be in for an extended period of time, especially if you are a pastor trying to lead people into spiritual growth.  But like anything that we go through in life, God can use it for our good.  After talking to a friend about my situation, he said something so simple but powerful, “It sounds like you are putting your work before your walk.”  As soon as he said that I knew that he hit the nail on the head.  Somehow in all the business and activity of ministry, my walk with the Lord became less and less of a priority and I was feeling it in my soul.  I knew something needed to change because I didn’t want to live with an empty soul.   Continue reading “Running on Empty”

Approaching God in Prayer

Written by Josiah Smith 

Have you ever said something to someone, only to come to the realization that the person you thought you were talking to was actually someone else? Talk about awkward. Or perhaps you can relate to the cringe-worthy experience of sending a meaningful text to the wrong person:

Me: Love you!

Employer: What?!

Me: uhh…nvm!  😐

It can be embarrassing and is a sure-fire way to ineffective communication and probable misunderstanding. Continue reading “Approaching God in Prayer”

What Was I Thinking?

Written by Jeff Leake 

photo-1433451990254-35dd07d4fbfdWhile I was on vacation a couple years ago, I took my prayer time on the beach…wish I could do that every morning!  While I was watching the waves crash on the shore, I was struck again with a revelation of the size and ability of God. That’s when it hit me.  Unknowingly, I often approach God in prayer as if I am needing to help Him out. Continue reading “What Was I Thinking?”

When God Says, “No”

Written by Leah Leach 

If someone saw me in the parking garage that day, they would’ve wondered about the crazy lady who was sitting in her car by herself sobbing and screaming to no one in particular.

To fully understand this hysterical moment, I need to rewind a few days. I was staring out a window in a hospital waiting room. I had been there about 18 hours a day for the previous week, sitting by my father’s bedside while he was in a coma after a freak swimming accident. We had just received another grim doctor’s report, and I needed some time alone. Continue reading “When God Says, “No””