Deleted Scenes

Written by Bernard Carter

I am a fan of movies. I figured it was pretty serious when just recently, my preferred theater, sent me an email, to let me know they were closing early due to weather…just in case I was going drop by.  Although I like the theater I still prefer DVD or BlueRay because you get all the deleted scenes, outtakes, and bloopers and sometimes the director, actor or producers give you some insight into what they were thinking.

I believe prayer allows us to get the deleted scenes and the extras. It gives us insight into what God is thinking, what to do, and how the thwart the principalities Ephesians 6:12 references. Those extras and deleted scenes are like a peek behind the curtain. They are really what allows me to know why the movie turned out the way it did and why it has become one of my personal classics.

One of my personal classics in scripture is the story of a guy, Obed-Edom. After seeing someone die for touching the Ark, he received it into his home for three months.  His story was one that concluded with (spoiler alert)…his whole house and all that pertained to him being blessed. The verses following the placement of the Ark in his home only speak to King David retrieving the Ark, but it doesn’t say specifically what happened in Obed-Edom’s house during the time the Ark was there.

Most houses during that time were one room, and if someone had means, they would have an upper room. There may have been a court around the front of the home but ultimately there wasn’t a lot of space. I imagine the deleted scene of the discussion between Obed-Edom and his wife about the amount of space its going to take up. I imagine the fear of some of his family, considering one man was just struck dead for touching the Ark.  I imagine the conversation about how it was definitely going to inconvenience the family.

Although his interaction with his wife and children would probably be funny with Steve Carrell as Obed-Edom and Tina Fey as his wife and Kevin Hart and Rob Schneider as his sons. The deleted scene I want to see most is Obed-Edom alone with the Ark. I believe the story takes a serious turn from comedy to drama. It’s during this private time with God’s glory that he intercedes for his family, he intercedes for his country, and he intercedes for his leaders.  I believe he was transparent before the only one who could affect any change in his life–God. I believe he preferred God, and centered his life around God’s very presence.

I imagine him setting new ground rules for the house. I imagine him bowing before the Ark. I imagine him dancing around the Ark worshiping, singing of God’s glory and majesty. I imagine he established a standard that ultimately resulted in his whole house and everyone pertaining to him being blessed.

The boldness and trust Obed-Edom had in God is the same boldness and trust I take into my prayer time.  I expect that without regard to anyone else’s story, my story is one where he intends to bless me, be intimate with me and fill my home with Himself.  I expect Him to do something bananas that could only be explained through His intervention.

For 31 days we have done what Obed Edom did. We have rearranged things in our lives to put the Glory of God at the center. We have inconvenienced our family, altered our schedule, set aside time and space to give our lord His rightful place. We have eaten differently or not at all and chosen to partner with God to will and do His good pleasure.

As we close out this collective purposed prayer time, I think… what’s next?  Do we go back to the same routine we had before or do I allow the habit I’ve cultivated to flow? I say FLOW!

  1. Frequent his presence and fast
  2. Listen for His voice–live, love, and learn
  3. Order our life to continue in what we’ve started giving Him preference
  4. Work while it’s day.  Do what He’s purposed us to do.

Lets FLOW and watch what God continues to do.

family-2Bernard Carter is the senior pastor of Ascending Life Church a new church in the Olney section of Philadelphia. He and his wife Patrice have been married and serving in ministry together for 18 years with a passion to continue to see people enter the presence of God and grow into spiritual juggernauts.


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