What to Expect When Ending a Season of Fasting & Prayer

Written by Jeff Leake

This past month, there have been hundreds of people who have taken the opportunity to fast and pray throughout these 31 days together.  It has been so incredible to be a part of this prayer movement. So what now? What should we expect?

  1. Expect Temptation – Remember that at the end of Jesus’s 40-day fast, he was tempted by the devil. He overcame those three temptations (Matthew 4) by confessing and standing on the scriptures. Right after this moment of temptation he began his ministry and the miracles began to happen. There is a strong temptation after spending time denying the flesh (our natural appetites) for those appetites to make a roaring comeback. We have to continue to be mindful of the temptation to live to gratify ourselves and continue in the spirit of self-denial, even though we have resumed our normal eating patterns.
  2. Expect Provision – Fasting and prayer is like planting seed. There is a sowing season and there is a reaping season. Normally there is a season of waiting in between the planting and the harvesting. Since you have so spent time sowing good seed, you can expect that there will be a harvest.
  3. Expect Revelation – One of the main reasons why we fast and pray is to gain greater clarity. Fasting, especially, makes us more aware of our fleshly appetites. We hear the voice of the cravings of the flesh even more powerfully during season of self-denial. Because we recognize the voice of the flesh so distinctly, it helps us recognize the voice of the Spirit more clearly as well. Revelation often comes during the fast.  For me, it most often comes after the fast. Sometimes during the fasting time–I am just a little too fatigued to be mentally or emotionally sharp. But then I notice fresh ideas and a sense of greater clarity after the fast is over.
  4. Expect New Momentum – Finally, after a season of taking extra steps in spiritual disciplines, it is important to be proactive about building good spiritual practices into your long-term daily experience. A week or even a month of fasting and prayer is like a good shove toward personal momentum. But the momentum will not help you unless you are going somewhere. So you need to consider what habits you want to build into your life.
We suggest that you keep going with these three things:  Spend 20 minutes in prayer every day, continue to use the Praying with Confidence book for the next 31 days, establish a regular Bible reading plan.

May God bless you in every way as you continue to seek His face.

10393167_395635517269464_8993013876791521489_nJeff Leake has served as the lead pastor of Allison Park Church, a multi-campus church in Pittsburgh, PA, for nearly 25 years. He is the president of Reach Northeast, a movement dedicated to planting reproducing churches. He is also the author of four books, including Praying with Confidencean easy-to-follow guide to improve your prayer time. Jeff leads a multiplying church and lives a multiplying life.

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