What Was I Thinking?

Written by Jeff Leake 

photo-1433451990254-35dd07d4fbfdWhile I was on vacation a couple years ago, I took my prayer time on the beach…wish I could do that every morning!  While I was watching the waves crash on the shore, I was struck again with a revelation of the size and ability of God. That’s when it hit me.  Unknowingly, I often approach God in prayer as if I am needing to help Him out. Continue reading “What Was I Thinking?”


When God Says, “No”

Written by Leah Leach 

If someone saw me in the parking garage that day, they would’ve wondered about the crazy lady who was sitting in her car by herself sobbing and screaming to no one in particular.

To fully understand this hysterical moment, I need to rewind a few days. I was staring out a window in a hospital waiting room. I had been there about 18 hours a day for the previous week, sitting by my father’s bedside while he was in a coma after a freak swimming accident. We had just received another grim doctor’s report, and I needed some time alone. Continue reading “When God Says, “No””

The Making of a Manifesto

Written by Kurt Jenkins

Why do you pray what you pray? How do you come up with the words that become your prayers? Are you intentional about how you approach God, or do you just say whatever is on the tip of your tongue?

I have found it to be more powerful to capture the heart of God about a matter before spending a significant amount of time praying about it. When you take time to first hear what the Lord is saying, you can then line up your prayers with His will, and pray with more boldness and faith. Continue reading “The Making of a Manifesto”

Praying Through

Written by Melodie Leake 

Have you ever been in a storm? A season in your spiritual life where ominous clouds, terrifying thunder, and enormous waves crash over your life to the point you fear you will soon certainly drown?  I have.

These are the kind of desperate, disorienting moments where a “now I lay me down to sleep” kind of prayer just won’t do! These bewildering times require us to press in; to fight and not merely surrender or succumb to fear, failure, loneliness or _____ (fill in the blank). 
Continue reading “Praying Through”

When You Pray

Written by Justin Myers

When I was young, I was often accused of asking too many questions.  If there was a project going on, I wanted to know what it would look like from beginning to end, so naturally I would ask questions and make requests each and every step of the way.  This didn’t go over too well, but I had the desire to learn.   

We see this same inquisitive nature and the desire to learn within the lives of the Disciples as they followed Jesus during those short years of ministry together.  These guys had a thirst for knowledge that could only be quenched by the only one who had all the answers– Jesus. Continue reading “When You Pray”

Kingdom Prayer

Written by Jeremy Ziegler 

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

The most famous words ever uttered in prayer are Jesus’ opening words in the Lord’s Prayer. Often we don’t pause to consider their meaning as we recite them from memory.

So what do they mean and what difference does it make? At the center of any kingdom is the king. When we pray for God’s kingdom to come, we’re asking him to come and rule in our lives and in our world. Now the word kingdom doesn’t carry much weight for us, especially as modern-day Americans, familiar only with democracy. However, the word had a much stronger meaning for Jesus and his disciples, living during the Roman Empire. They were subjects of Rome, living under the reign of an emperor; they had a Caesar, a king. They understood kingdom. Continue reading “Kingdom Prayer”